Stacy® Race Statistics – professional software for ski competition and training

With Stacy® Race Statistics, the professional management of your ski training or competition data is now even easier. The software captures the data from your timing system as a CSV file and processes it directly and clearly. The software provides a quick overview of all times, interim times and additional data, such as the condition of the slope, the number of and distance between the gates and much more. Convenient grouping and sorting functions also give you maximum control over the visualization of your training or competition data. Group runs and/or athletes exactly as you need the data with just a few clicks. Sort your data any way you want and hide or show individual rows (such as interim times) or other data points (such as equipment information), according to your preferences.

In short: With Stacy, you have the information you need at any time in view – whether during training or a competition. This gives you maximum control over your data, plus you can share it in real time with others, such as spectators at your event.

Your advantages with Stacy® Race Statistics

Share in real time

Capture ski training or competition timings and share them online in real time

Easy to use

Convenient log-in via a web browser and an intuitive software interface

Complete overview at a glance

All relevant information about your ski competition or training day clearly presented, easy-to-group and easy-to-sort

Clear visualization on all types of devices

Laptop, tablet, or mobile phone – no matter which device you have at hand on the slopes: The innovative, web-based Stacy® Race Tracking software offers you maximum flexibility and independence. Even viewing on multiple devices at the same time works effortlessly and completely without inconvenient cable connections.

You can also comfortably export your data as an Excel spreadsheet for further processing, sharing or for documentation.

Thanks to the system-independent software solution, your training or competition data can be easily shared at any time via a link.

Stacy® Race Statistics & Alpenhunde® Timing

The perfect match between timing and statistics software
With the Alpenhunde Timing® System you get your Stacy® Race Statistics license for free!

The Stacy® Race Statistics software offers perfect performance in combination with the Alpenhunde® Timing System. The patented Alpenhunde® remote network with its newly developed radio technology works reliably even across long distances. Each timing station (start, intermediate, finish and pocket) is also equipped with a WLAN hotspot onto which athletes and coaches can easily log on – either via any standard web browser or with the Alpenhunde app for smartphones. You can conveniently control and access the system from any station via the dedicated remote network! The Stacy® statistical software then transfers your competition or training data in a single step and processes it automatically into a clean overview.

A real “Match made in Heaven” – and with the Alpenhunde-Timing-System® you even get the Stacy® license for free! See for yourself!

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